Watertravel & Waterside Destinations The Sisters of Charity Convent in Nevers, where the body of Saint Bernadette is on view.

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Saint Bernadette Soubirous

The preserved body of Saint Bernadette is on view at this convent in Nevers where she lived.

Marie-BernardeSoubirous – later and better known as Saint Bernadette – was born in Lourdes in 1844. At the age of 14, she reported seeing 18 apparitions of “a Lady.” At age 22 she moved from Lourdes to Nevers, residing at theStatue of Saint Bernadette at the Sisters of Charity Convent in Nevers. Sisters of Charity Convent, shown above.

Following some initial skepticism on the part of the Roman Catholic Church, her claims of visions were believed and the apparition which had appeared to her came to be known as “Our Lady of Lourdes.” After her death, Lourdes became a major pilgrimage destination.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the story of Bernadette has to do with the apparent fact that her body did not decompose normally after death. Her corpse was exhumed in 1909, 30 years after she was buried, and those present (including two medical doctors) stated that the remains had not decomposed appreciably. The body was disinterred again in 1919, following which it was placed in a gold and silver reliquary which is on public view at the Chapel of St. Bernadette in Nevers.

The Lourdes grotto at Sisters of Charity Convent, where the preserved body of Saint Bernadette Soubirous is on view.
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