Watertravel & Waterside Destinations A small boat passes under the Pont de Sully with the moated château in the background.

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The main attraction at Sully-sur-Loire is its moated château (bourg).

It is a superb example of a medieval fortress. Built in the 14th century on a site that since Roman times has been one of the The castle at Sully-sur-Loirefew bridge crossings of the Loire River, it is a defensible fortress. That fact sets it apart from the majority of châteaux in the Upper Loire region, which would fall rather into the category of plush palaces than secure bastions.

The château’s most famous owner was Maximilien de Bethune, first duke of Sully and prime minister of the government under Henri IV. Together they gave France a bit more than two decades of much needed peace, from 1589 to 1610. For quite a long time the castle belonged to Maximilien's descendants, but now it is a publicly owned museum with tapestries, paintings, sculptures and other ancient artifacts.

The moat and castle at Sully-sur-Loire Every year in June, Sully-sur-Loire hosts a classical music festival with concerts which take place in a large marquee on the chateau grounds and also at the Eglise Saint-Germain (Rue du faubourg Saint-Germain).

Apart from the château, the commune of Sully-sur-Loire itself is an interesting place to stroll the streets, browse the shops, perhaps stop at a restaurant or outdoor café. Pictured below is the Hôtel de Ville (city hall), located at the corner of Place Maurice de Sully and Rue Porte de Sologne. La Poste is at Rue du Grand Sully, conveniently located near the castle as well as several banks with exterior ATM machines.

The Hôtel de Ville, or city hall, in the commune of Sully-sur-Loire.
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